on fire

Through the fire and the flames, we carry on

It began like any other night…a band, their instruments, and a few iPhones in Video mode. The goal? Film and record a live acoustic version of their song “Black Hole”. What followed is a prime example of a night where you SHOULD just stop and give up. But this is not one of those stories…

We are Cockeyed Optimist. That means we do things a bit differently. No matter how many things may go awry, we press on towards our goal.

Everything had been going well: we set up the microphones and cameras, ran a quick soundcheck, and all was on track to run as smoothly as possible. But when you’re a four piece band trying to record audio and video of yourselves there are plenty of things that can go wrong. 

Take 1: After listening back, we realized we couldn’t hear Cynda…at all. So we decide to add in a handheld microphone

Take 2: We had way too many candles on the table in front of us, making it difficult for Cynda to sing and light them all before the song could end. Okay, fine. Take away a few candles.

Take 3: All seemed well…famous last words. Intro, Verse 1, Chorus 1…awesome! This take is going great so far. Verse 2, we almost get through it. As we launch ourselves into Chorus 2, out of the corner of my eye I see Nick. He has this extreme look on his face. My first thought, in all honesty was: “Nick, you’re messing up a good take!”. Then the words leave his lips: “FIRE! FIRE! YOUR HAIR IS ON FIRE!!!”

Turning to my right I see Cynda. But there’s something different: her hair is ablaze! Without even thinking all I could do was swat her hair to put out the flame. A few swats later the fire is out…thankfully. Cynda’s okay, my hand isn’t burnt, Nick is sitting down again, and Zach is finally able to pick his jaw up off the floor. It’s hard to really process all of this with the lingering scent of burnt hair in the room and the idea of giving up has begun to sink in.

But we decide to go on. We’re all hear for a reason and we might as well finish.

Take 4: Cynda pulls her back and we dive in. We think we’ve got it! But then, we go to check the cameras and realize one of them stopped mid-take. UGH! Great. Wonderful. We decide to go for it one more time.

Take 5: THIS IS THE TAKE! All goes well. The candles get lit in time, the band sounds good, and all cameras got every minute of it! As we celebrate a good take, Cynda looks to her wireless microphone to turn it off and makes a startling discovery: the microphone was muted during the entire take! I think Charlie Brown says it best: “oh good grief”

It’s late. Like, really late. We’re tired. Do we really want to do another take? Are we going to perform well or was that the straw that broke the camel’s back? Then Cynda gets an idea: “What if I just record a vocal overdub?” Not a bad idea at all.

And that’s how life is: not everything goes according to plan. Sometimes you get a 75% Live take. You don’t always get 100% the first try…or the fifth. But that’s okay. In the end, being a Cockeyed Optimist is about seeing the good that comes out of every situation. The good out of this? What you’re about to watch: a (mostly) Live version of “Black Hole”.

We hope you enjoy and can see the candle in the Black Hole that you might be in.