alternative metal

Trash or inspiration?

Last week, we released a new music video for the second song on "Into the Night" called Manotheistic. While the song isn't up on your favorite streaming service yet, the inspiration for the music video has been stewing in the deep recesses of my brain for 2 years. 

What inspired the video? Having a house flood. One of those ridiculous plumbing leaks that destroys the whole house. It was about 5 months before we could move back in. UGH! 

But after moving back in, there were boxes... A LOT of boxes. I thought how am I going to get rid of these quickly? I'm not. What if I reused them instead? OK. For what? Hmmmm. 

Seeing them sit there in the garage piled up high, I though they looked like towers. The FIRST word of this song. Sure, I'll need to paint them, but hey that could be fun right? (actually it wasn't..)

So that's where the inspiration for the Manotheistic video came from. Nothing glamorous or meditative. Just old, empty cardboard boxes. 

Hoping you can reuse the old to create something amazing!