Trash or inspiration?

Last week, we released a new music video for the second song on "Into the Night" called Manotheistic. While the song isn't up on your favorite streaming service yet, the inspiration for the music video has been stewing in the deep recesses of my brain for 2 years. 

What inspired the video? Having a house flood. One of those ridiculous plumbing leaks that destroys the whole house. It was about 5 months before we could move back in. UGH! 

But after moving back in, there were boxes... A LOT of boxes. I thought how am I going to get rid of these quickly? I'm not. What if I reused them instead? OK. For what? Hmmmm. 

Seeing them sit there in the garage piled up high, I though they looked like towers. The FIRST word of this song. Sure, I'll need to paint them, but hey that could be fun right? (actually it wasn't..)

So that's where the inspiration for the Manotheistic video came from. Nothing glamorous or meditative. Just old, empty cardboard boxes. 

Hoping you can reuse the old to create something amazing!


Just like going home...

...or so I was told. When the idea of playing a few songs for the students at my old school was presented to me, I have to admit that I was slightly resistant. 

Campbell Hall will always hold a special place in my heart. It was at that school that I discovered my love of Music and performing. I performed in front of a live audience for the first time when I was 14 and it was on that campus. But like many of us, high school holds some not so sweet memories. As a teen I was constantly picked on and bullied. It probably would come as no surprise to anyone reading this that I was once picked on because I wore a Gibson guitars jacket regularly my sophomore year. (You can't make this up.)

As the students filed into the gym I felt a bit of the nerves creep up. These kids only had vague ideas of who I was and who we as a band were and what we did. But I decided to do what we do best: dive in head first and give them the best of us. The response was thunderous! I could not have fathomed the reaction. I am truly humbled to have been given the reaction we got. I am thankful for the opportunity to show them what we do. And I am excited to go onwards and upwards!

- Sean

Sweat #1

There are many times in our lives in which we have to eat our words. One such instance occurred a few weeks ago at our gig at the Mira Mesa Street Fair. I have been know to say that I don't sweat when I'm performing. I have also been known to give Sean guff for sweating before we even begin playing. 

Well at said gig, I was hot. I started sweating. I couldn't see. I thought I was going to pass out. As per this photo, you can see the redness in my face. 

I also had another word eating experience when trying to record the other day. I usually can't stand the brand Behringer when it comes to audio. Well, I set up my stereo microphones that I usually use and one didn't work. So I tried these stereo Behringer mics that I bought when I first started recording and guess what... they worked. 

As we grow, we often find out that we're not always right and that's OK. I'm sure there will be many more gigs where I'm covered in sweat and that's fine by me!