Sweat #1

There are many times in our lives in which we have to eat our words. One such instance occurred a few weeks ago at our gig at the Mira Mesa Street Fair. I have been know to say that I don't sweat when I'm performing. I have also been known to give Sean guff for sweating before we even begin playing. 

Well at said gig, I was hot. I started sweating. I couldn't see. I thought I was going to pass out. As per this photo, you can see the redness in my face. 

I also had another word eating experience when trying to record the other day. I usually can't stand the brand Behringer when it comes to audio. Well, I set up my stereo microphones that I usually use and one didn't work. So I tried these stereo Behringer mics that I bought when I first started recording and guess what... they worked. 

As we grow, we often find out that we're not always right and that's OK. I'm sure there will be many more gigs where I'm covered in sweat and that's fine by me!