Pushing on, Into The Night.

We hadn't released new music in almost 5 years. I KNOW that is waaaaaaaaay too long. It wasn't a conscious choice, it was more not having the right people on board. 

That said, the decision to write and record new music was an easy one. Up until now, Nick wasn't even on a Cockeyed Optimist record. So after deciding to actually write new music, the album "Into The Night" came out. 

Writing the title track was somehow easy. I can't even remember how long the song took to write in total, but it definitely came out quickly. Not long after Sean got his 7-string guitar, the opening riff of "Into The Night" was not far behind. 

Drum recording on all of the songs seemed to go so well. And then came the bass tracking, which wasn't as easy. Then Sean did the rhythm guitars. 

AND THEN we lose a bass player. (BTW, we're still looking, so if you live in SoCal and can rock on bass hit us up.) It was hard to come back and record the lead guitars for Sean. 

But we keep pushing on and we will continue to do so. We hope you enjoy this Behind the Scenes of "Into The Night".