We got a NEW BASSIST! woot

Sometimes things need to come full circle to work out. But sometimes that it takes 10 years to complete that circle.

When we lost our last bass player, I didn’t know where to look for a new one. After the experience of trying to find bassists before, it has always been a nightmare.

About 10 years ago, Sean and I met at music school. It was easy for the two of us to work together, but finding other musicians who would show up without an ego problem was challenging.

Both of us agreed that there was always one bassist at our school who we’d love to play with, but he was busy playing with a bunch of bands.

Last year, we came out to see one of his DJ sets and found out that he was mainly doing that solo now. OMG, awesome! He’s not in like 6 bands now!

So without further ado, we want to introduced you to our new bassist and awesome person…

Hector Palacios!