Drums... Drums in the deep

Cynda sitting in the producer's chair

Ok so the drums weren't in the DEEP per se, but we have started recording new music!!! 

So, for those of you who have never recorded music before, it actually takes quite a lot until you can get here to begin recording "for real"

For starters, you gotta write the songs. (well of course you do or what would you be recording) Depending on the song, either Sean comes up with some guitar part, or I have some lyrics and a melody. Then, the two of us usually come up with some other musical parts and I write some more lyrics. But the song form isn't officially done yet. 

We then bring the song to Nick and Zach and they'll just play along. We'll all collaborate as a group as to what parts we like or not and come up with alternate ideas. It's a process and some songs are easier to write than others. And if you decide to do a cover song (which we did, not telling what yet heheheheh), you gotta figure out how YOUR version is going to go. 

Now you might think, "Okay, so you've written the song, you can record it now." Well....

For Nick to be able to record drums, in a meaningful sort of way, rather than just being some Drum Monkey/Machine, he needs to HEAR the song.

That means scratch tracks. 

So before we could record Nick, Sean and I made a vocal and guitar rough track of each song, so that Nick knows where he is in the song, what parts need more energy, when he should bring the dynamics down, and so on. ONLY THEN could we record drums

So once the day came to record drums, we just record right?? Well yes... and no. 

Day 1: We set up microphones. Nick tuned and re-tuned drums. We moved microphones. We all listened through the speakers and headphones. Nick put tape on some drums. And paper. We listened again. Gaff taped the one microphone stand that wouldn't stay put to the floor. Changed hihats 3 times. 

Tweak by tweak, until we thought it sounded good. That took pretty much all day. 

Day 2 and 3: We ACTUALLY recorded the drum parts. I made Nick do parts over and over. Nick recorded 4 full songs per day. So great job Nick!!

So what is this?? Is it an album? Or just songs

Well, this will be an album. All the songs will form a cohesive album. But each song will be released as a separately as a single. All I can say now is that the overall album will be called

Into the Night...