I hate Halloween...

What can I say about Halloween? I’m not a fan. I don’t get spending a crap-load on a costume that you’re only gonna wear once. And yes, the good costumes are pricey. The cheap ones rip as soon as you put them on.Yes, I’m talking to you Alice in Wonderland Tim Burton version costume branded for Disney.

And let’s talk about giving out candy. I’m always buying too little or too much candy. One year, I’ll think not that many kids will come by and then, BOOM! outta candy. The next, I’ll get extra candy and sit around for weeks afterward guiltily eating it myself. 

But as it FINALLY cooled down in SoCal signaling that we may yet, get Autumn this year, I thought we should put a Halloween themed song online. Now what song should it be? Well, as my obsession with The Cure continues, this summer we started working out a cover version of “Lullaby”. 

Hmmmm….. spiders…. blissfully dead…. it’s much too late to turn on the light. Now THAT sounds a bit spooky. Not to mention one of the most awesome bass lines ever written. Since I’m not going to wish you “Happy Halloween!”, I’ll instead say Hope you enjoy our version of Lullaby by The Cure