Into The Night

What has become of us?
We’re only into us
So scared of dying
We’re afraid to live
Is there a future left?
Or are we just scared to death?
How can we sit around,
When the world is burning down?

Pre chorus:
It’s survival of the fittest
But I’m sick of surviving
It’s not enough just to exist
I wanna be thriving

I’m going out there
Don’t try and stop me
Why are we holding on, 
To what won’t last for long?
Don’t know what’s out there,
But I’ll lose it in here
We’ve staying inside and tried to hide, 
But now it’s into the night we go

What made us into this?
Was it forced onto us?
We crawled in our hole
With no plan to leave
Who are we fooling here? 
There’s lives to save out there
Pick up your courage
It’s time to face the storm



When you’re painted in a corner
Your back’s up against the wall
That’s not living, it’s existing and that’s all