Half Life

Stuck in this stagnance is where I lie
Between life and death, let's call it half life
Things don't get better and can't get worse
Don't know what to feel inside

I can't move left, I can't move right
I'm stuck in the sand with no help in sight
Try as I may there's no escape
Don't know what to feel inside

What brought me here to this place of waste and pain?
Dull to the memory, will it come again?

I just want a break
I just wanna wake up
With all these problems solved
I just wanna heal
I just wanna feel like
I did before I lived this half life

Lost on the long and winding road
I'm getting nowhere, but getting there slow
I'm searching for something, it might be life
Don't know if I'll ever find it

Lost in a dream with waking eyes
Don't know if it's real or just a disguise
I'll open the curtain; it's open wide
Don't know what I want to find



Each day I find, this mound's ground higher
No matches left to set it on fire
Each night I find no sleep, my brain's all wired
I can't keep feeling this way