Fine Line

I'd walk in the room
But I don't know which you you'll assume
Don't know the trigger and neither do you
At a moment's notice, the flick of a switch
The change is so sudden
With barely a glitch

Your appearance doesn't change
Except for inside
But I can see the difference
I can see the Hyde

There's a fine line between Jekyll and Hyde
Not only genius, but madness inside
Don't wanna be there when your two worlds collide
Cuz next thing I know, I'm running for my life

I'd get you some help
But you insist that you're well
I've got no proof, just stories to tell
You drink no potions
No pills do you take
You go to bed Jekyll, but Hyde you awake



Do you always need the last word?
When will you be satisfied?
I am not you
I will not become the Hyde