Hailing from Southern California, Cockeyed Optimist is an original band bringing Rock music to the next generation. Fans describe their music as a cross between Paramore and Evanescence yet somehow “Timeless”. In a world where rock music is no longer popular, Cockeyed Optimist crafts songs heavy in sound and subject matter. While many Alternative and Hard Rock acts rely on backing tracks and pitch correction, CEO brings honesty back to rock music, playing every concert 100% live and producing their recordings without autotune. 

Singer Cynda Renae began writing the music that became Cockeyed Optimist in 2007 as a way of healing herself after being kidnapped at gunpoint and raped. After she found a songwriting partner and guitarist in Sean Pierce Johnson, they released some of those songs on their first EP “Undocumented” in 2011. Their second EP “All That You Were”, released in 2013, also inspired the band to film and produce two music videos. The duo has performed two West Coast club tours and played at many California colleges, universities, fairs and community events with various drummers and bassists. 

In 2014, they started the nonprofit organization, I Am A Cockeyed Optimist with the mission to help others heal from pain. At the same time, they met drummer Nick Stone who has since brought his orchestral background and fresh perspective to the music. The organization has become their biggest source of pride, enabling them to perform their songs at SoCal high schools while bringing a message of hope to the students. 

The band is currently releasing their first full-length album, “Into the Night”, as a series of singles. The title track was released New Year's Day 2018 and the follow-up “Manotheistic” came out this summer. With many insisting that rock music is dead, CEO is proving that it just needs rediscovered. After every high school performance, students tell them “I’ve never listened to rock, but I love your music.” Cockeyed Optimist hopes that “Into the Night” will reach a wider audience and allow them opportunities to perform larger festivals. In the meantime, CEO will continue their mission by bearing the torch of rock music in the 21st Century. 




“When watching CEO perform, [they] present their music with passion and honesty, right from their attitudes on stage, to the lyrics they sing.” -Cassie Rossel, The Lariat, Saddleback College

“I loved getting to know Cockeyed Optimist. They are a group on a special mission to rock out and make everybody feel special about themselves. We need more groups out there spreading awareness on mental health and suicide. Lots of bands do that, but these guys are making it their mission.” -Brandon “Bmac” Macarthy, Uncivil Revolt

“Song like “Blight” showcase Renae’s vocal versatility, watch out Linkin Park this chick can rap her lyrics too.” -Madison Medeiros, The Daily Nexus, UC Santa Barbara


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